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Welcome to the Peninsula Muslim Association (PMA) website. Our mission is to educate people about the true meaning of Islam and to promote interfaith dialogue to create mutual understanding and respect for all religions

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Jummah Time
Khutba: 1:35PM
Jummah Prayer: 2:00PM

Jummah Prayers are Held at:
SFV Lodge
361 Villa St
Mountain View, CA 94041

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Nov 4 2014: Jumah prayer times will remain the same - 1:40 Khutba, 2pm Namaaz. No time change due to the clocks going back 1 hour. JZK

Nov 16 2013: PMA is considering investing a portion of the Masjid funds in a Sharia compliant manner. The proceeds will go towards the Mountain View Masjid project. Please send us your feedback or suggestions: peninsulamuslimassociation@gmail.com

Feb 9 2012: We are reaching out to you for your support and sincerely hope that you will join hands with us in building the house of Allah, community center, and weekend school for the benefit of the Muslim Community in Mountain View. Please donate via the PayPal link below (all donations to PMA are Tax deductible). AH we have raised $100,000 so far.

Jan 13 2012: Alhumdulilah, we had a great turn out to the Community Event in Mountain View for the New Masjid Project. Please continue to spread the word throughout the community and feel free to reach out to us with any questions, concerns, or suggestions. You can email us at: PeninsulaMuslimAssociation@gmail.com. Click on the link below for pictures from the community dinner along with a video of Br. Adel's speech during the event: Pictures

Dec 12 2010: We are pround to announce our full time hifz program with home schooling (Elementary to High School). This is the first school in Santa Clara to provide full time hifz classes. Click here for more information:
Full Time Hifz Program w/ home schooling

April 3rd 2010: PMA is now accepting donations online. Please click on the "donate" link, enter your donation amount, update your total and choose how to pay (Paypal account or non-Paypal account). To pay without a Paypal account click on the "Continue" link on the lower lefthand side of the Paypal screen under "Don't Have a Paypal account?"

March 23rd 2010: PMA is now a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Religious Organization. Our Tax ID # is 26-3412766. If you make any donations online or by check please send an email to: rydhans@yahoo.com for a tax receipt. Please include your name, current mailing address, date, and total contribution amount. Be sure to write "Tax Receipt" in the subject line of your email.

Please click on the links below to listen / read Br. Adel ElShimi's Friday Khutbahs. To Listen / Read, left click on the selected Khutbah. To Download the file to your computer, right click on the selected Khutbah.

****Audio (MP3)***

Looking at Restrictions in Islam


The Importance of Education and Science in Islam

Changing the perception of Islam and Muslims in America through actions

Envy of others

Day of Judgement

Stinginess and being miserly - a disease of the heart

One of the Beautiful names of Allah - Al Aziz

Being Moderate

Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) "farewell" sermon

Prophet Noah

Love for Allah (SWT)


4 Characteristics required for protection from the hell fire

Divorce in Islam

Marriage in Islam

Surah Baqara

Surah Baqara part 2

The One Percent

Surah - The Constellations (Al Burooj - Part 1)

Surah - The Constellations (Al Burooj - Part 2)


Thinking well or bad of others

One of the Beautiful names of Allah (SWT): Al Kareem


The incident of Slander

Unity of the Muslim Nation

Battle of Badr Part I

Battle of Badr Part II

The importance of keeping secrets of others

The Honor bestowed upon Prophet Adam

Lessons learned from the story of Prophet Adam

Prophet Adam - The father of all humanity

Planning and Priorities according to Islam

Fulfilling your commitments

The Justice of Allah (SWT)

Bidah or Sunnah


The Jinn

The Angels

Prophet Salih

Islam and Optimism

The importance of Salaat Ul Jumah

Sydena Luqman

Guarding your Tongue

"The Worry"

Accepting Allah's decisions

Prophet Ibrahim PBUH

Mercy in Islam

The importance of visiting the sick

One of the Beautiful Names of Allah (SWT) - Al Jabbar

Expecting the best from Allah (SWT)

Prophet Solomon PBUH

Eid Al Adha

Human Behavior

The Battle of Uhud

Worshipping Idols

The Value of Time

One of the Beautiful Names of Allah (SWT) - Al Mujeeb (The Answerer)

The Personality of a Muslim

Prophet Yunus PBUH

Eid Ul Fitr

A Beautiful Description of Jannah: Part III

A Beautiful Description of Jannah: Part II

A Beautiful Description of Jannah

The Civilization created by Islam.

Brotherhood, Sisterhood / Unity in Islam.

The Etiquette of eating according to Islam.

In depth look at a verse in the Holy Quran

Isra Al Mi'Raj - Ascent of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Fulfilling your promises

Surah Al Fil (The Elephant)

The true meaning of "Justice" according to Islam

Importance of your parents according to Islam

Maryam (Mary) - Mother of Prophet Isa (Jesus) PBUH

Knowing yourself - What's more important to you: Dunia or Deen?

Al Maiser - Gambling according to Islam

Two of the beautiful names of Allah (SWT)

Contentment and happiness according to Islam

Surah Al Masad

Ambassadors of Islam

Cain and Abel

Ihsan - an obligation for every muslim

Relationship between husband and wife in Islam

Muslim and Non-Muslim Relations

The house of Allah - Al Masjid

Explanation of a Hadith

Iqra (Read)

Love of Allah (SWT)

Prophet Yousef AS

Prophet Yousef Part 2

Prophet Yousef Part 3

Syedna Umer RA

Observing the first 10 days of Dhul Hijja

***Text (PDF)***

An Overview of Islamic Finance
Islamic Finance: Q&A
Future of Islam 9-17-10
The importance of Giving Charity 9-21-10
Giving Gratitude 10-11-10
Trusting Allah (SWT)11-5-10
Hajj and Eid Al Adha 11-12-10
New Islamic Year / Hijra 12-10-10
Rizq Part 1: 1-14-11
Rizq Part 2: 1-28-11
Environment and Animal Rights According to Islam: 2-11-11
Islam on Fitnah: 2-18-11
Islam on Oppression: 3-11-11
Sura Al Khaf Part 1: The Cave 4-8-11
Sura Al Khaf Part 2: The Cave 4-15-11
Intention 5-27-11
Ramadan 2011
Forgiving in Ramadan

Peninsula Muslim Association
361 Villa Street
Mountain View, CA 94041

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